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Smile, it’s summertime!

The sun has finally arrived, giving you a big reason to have a smile on your face. Here are few seasonal precautions to help you enjoy your summer while protecting you from the season’s harmful effects on your teeth:

  1. Watch what you eat

In the summer, we are all tempted to cool off with ice cream and sugary drinks that can cause cavities. Think about making better health choices, such as drinking more water or eating fruit. Brush your teeth every time after you eat sweets.

  1. Respect your routine

With vacation time, trips and school holidays, we often tend to abandon our routines and neglect our oral hygiene. If you forget to brush your teeth, avoid nibbling between meals and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

  1. Beware of chlorine

Do you enjoy swimming in pools? Studies show that chlorine and chemicals in our pools can increase the amount of tartar in frequent swimmers. Saliva proteins, which limit scale, decompose upon contact with chlorinated water. Always maintain your dental hygiene.

  1. Avoid hypersensitivity

Do you have sensitive teeth? Frozen drinks are a fun part of summer, but they can worsen hypersensitivity. It’s better to avoid them and not subject your mouth to significant swings in temperature.


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Approved by Dr Lechner

Dr François Lechner

Dr. François Lechner founded the Prisma Dentistes in TMR more than 30 years ago. Over the course of his practice, he has developed his skills in general and family dentistry and is proud to offer a complete service to his patients. He is also interested in neuromuscular dentistry and the management of sleep disorders.

Dr. François Lechner