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Wearing a mouthguard increases your athletic performance. It’s true! The latest research shows you can benefit from a 10% increase, on average, in physical strength thanks to a mouthguard! In addition, it can help to decrease lactic acid build-up and cortisol production to help you perform even better.

Protect your smile while having fun! The mouthguard is an important part of your equipment if you participate in a sports activity that exposes you to contacts or blows. It is also recommended for activities without physical contact. Do you practice any of the following sports?

Hockey • Baseball • Running • Boxing • Basketball • Golf • Football • Skateboarding • Swimming • Gymnastics • Soccer • Tennis • Wrestling • Yoga • Bike • Martial Arts • Ski • Pilates • Rugby • Snowboard • Weight training

A custom-made mouthguard is essential to limit and avoid the risk of dental fractures or loss of teeth. The benefits of a custom-made mouthguard are numerous:

  • It is comfortable and stable in your mouth.
  • It offers you two layers of protection.
  • Its durability is superior to the models sold in stores.
  • It allows you to talk and breathe easily during the game.

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