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Any dentist could tell you: Teeth whitening goes beyond aesthetics when self-esteem is at stake. Did you know that your teeth are not naturally white? Tooth colour varies from one person to another, ranging from yellowish to grayish tints that can become more pronounced with age. Beyond genes, your lifestyle habits also come into play. […]

You spend all day in front of a computer. You work at different distances, on the computer screen then reading papers and back to your computer screen. If you don’t have the right lenses, you’re constantly removing your glasses or changing your head posture resulting in eye fatigue, neck and back pain. New custom-lens solutions offer better vision at near […]

Do you experience frequent headaches, migraine pain or unsolved jaw disorders? Waking up with some degree of discomfort, from a slight headache, to jaw soreness or a full-blown migraine, is an unpleasant situation.   Even though most migraines occur between 5 and 8 am, it is a fact rarely considered.   The NTI is a […]

PERIODONTAL SURGERY: 1- Periodontal pocket surgery involves removing the deep space between the gum and the tooth, which contains harmful bacteria and tartar. 2- Soft tissue grafting or connective tissue graft is a surgery that restores thickness and sometimes height to the gum of the weakened tooth, thereby stopping the progression of the recession. The […]

The Holiday season is often synonymous with eating. It can be difficult to make good food choices. Here are our tips for choosing the best foods for your teeth from amongst the many tempting items on the dinner table: Vitamins: Green vegetables provide a good supply of vitamins. They are neither sweet nor acidic. They […]

As you already know, brushing your teeth regularly (preferably after each meal) helps prevent cavities, reduces plaque, and prevents gum disease. But over time, you can develop bad brushing habits or be unaware of the latest dental recommendations. Here’s a handy little overview to keep in mind. Hold the brush properly: You should hold your […]

Have you made an upcoming appointment with one of our dentists and, because of the pandemic, you’re not sure what to expect when you arrive? Rest assured, our team has thought of everything to ensure your safety and comfort. New measures, which are easy to follow, have also been implemented. Steps of your visit to […]

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is great. Choosing the right toothbrush for yourself is even better! In general: Select a toothbrush with a compact, rounded head that can follow the surface of the teeth. Opt for soft bristles that preserve enamel and protect the gums. This is even more important as we […]

With Halloween and its sweet challenges looming on the horizon, now is the perfect time to talk about dental sealant, one of the best ways to prevent cavities in toddlers. Dental sealants for cavities prevention Our first adult molars grow at around six years of age. Our second ones appear in adolescence, between 11 and […]

Every time you consume sugar, some of it is deposited on and between your teeth, causing a risk of cavities. Many people are all sensitive to the challenges posed by overconsumption of candy on Halloween. Here are some tips for dealing with your sweet tooth and those of your children: Not all candy is the […]

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