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Alloderm® gum grafts

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Gum grafts are necessary for a variety of reasons. They are carried out to:

  • Stop the progression of receding gums
  • Cover an exposed tooth root
  • Decrease hypersensitivity
  • Improve the aesthetics a person’s smile
  • Improve the ridge’s soft tissue
  • Increase the volume of the soft tissues around dental implants

There are several types of gingival grafts. After a thorough examination by one of our dentists, we will recommend the most appropriate solution.

Alloderm® grafts help regenerate tissue by accelerating revascularization, white blood cell migration, and cell regeneration. This gives a host tissue the strength to more fully and naturally repair itself.  These transplants are an option if you do not have enough connective tissue in your palate or if you fear the procedure of taking tissue from your palate.


Soft tissue grafting is a surgery that restores thickness and sometimes height to the gum of the weakened tooth, thereby stopping the progress of the recession. The periodontist removes a piece of gum from the palate to cover the root affected by the recession.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia, on an outpatient basis.

Following all the recommendations given by your dentist, that among others include: resting, applying ice, having a soft diet and supporting your head with 2 or 3 pillows will allow you to  have your gums in excellent shape, in about 4 weeks.


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