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A team dedicated to the well-being of patients

Our team is made up of dentistry and oral health professionals who share a desire to improve the smile and well-being of their patients.


Dr. François Lechner

Dr. Lechner is the founder of PRISMA DENTISTES and has worked in the field of dentistry for over 30 years. Mastering all aspects of general dentistry, Dr. Lechner developed an interest in sleep disorders and in neuromuscular dentistry. He has a distinct vision of his profession through his research on the links between the temporomandibular joints, occlusion and posture, which he shares with the professionals working alongside him. He is a graduate of l’Université de Montréal, and continuously learns by taking courses and attending conferences all over the world. Dr. Lechner is involved in various associations, such as the Ordre des dentistes du Québec, Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec, American Academy for Sports Dentistry and American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.


Dr. Jean Piché

He holds a DDS from l’Université de Montréal as well as North American (Canada and US) patents in implantology. He is the founder of Piché et associés dental centres and has a multidisciplinary practice specializing in orthodontics and implantology. He focuses on oral health and his patients’ comfort, as well as painless interventions. He is a founding member of the Club d’Étude des Généralistes en Orthopédie et Orthodontie (C.E.G.O.O), and is also a member of the International Association for Orthodontics and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Piché holds a certificate in implantology from the Brånemark Institute and is a father of two boys. He enjoys sports and travel, and spends his free time skiing, playing golf and sailing.

Dr. Steven Krychman, Periodontist

A seasoned periodontist, Dr. Steven Krychman has more than 20 years of experience in dentistry. In addition to being a key member of the Prisma team, this exceptional surgeon is the director of the periodontics department at the dental clinic in Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital. Holder of a DDS (Doctorate in Dental Surgery) from McGill University and a certificate in Periodontology from Tufts University in Boston, he is a member of the Association des parodontistes du Québec, Canadian Academy of Periodontists and American Academy of Periodontology. Always keen to keep his knowledge current, Dr. Krychman stays abreast of new developments that could improve his practice. He is empathetic and caring, and this noble-hearted man is involved in many ways in the Montreal Association for the Blind and the Mackay Center. When he is away from his patients, he can be found on a golf course where he plays with surgical precision.

Dr. Hélène Buithieu, Pedodentist

Dr. Buithieu is a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and has more than 20 years of experience in paediatric dentistry. She holds a Master’s degree in dental sciences, a certificate in paediatric dentistry and has taken several continuing education courses. She serves as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Université de Montréal, and is a proponent of pain-free dentistry. She leverages her knowledge, tact and warmth to educate children about dental health without preaching, a gentle approach that is appreciated by the young and old alike. This mother of three also loves tennis, running, cycling, telemarking and skiing.

Dr. Lisa Sapatis

Dr. Lisa Sapatis graduated from McGill University in 1999 with a degree in dentistry and completed a multidisciplinary dental residency program at the Royal Victoria Hospital. For more than 15 years, she has maintained her commitment to providing patients with high quality, comprehensive and personalized dental care.

Her pursuit of excellence in dentistry includes continuing dental education at The Dawson Academy, a renowned institution, and the Spear Education Program. As a clinician, she values her patients and takes time to listen to them and inform them to accomplish their treatment goals through careful planning and execution. She is a member of the Montreal Dental Club, the Spear Study Club, and the International Team for Implantology (ITI).

Her three children helped her learn to perfect the art of multitasking! She enjoys traveling, skiing, dancing, and keeps fit through cross training. She is trilingual and can serve her patients in English, French and Greek. As a breast cancer survivor, she feels privileged to practice a profession she is extremely passionate about.

Dr. Marina D’Souza

Dr. Marina D’Souza has a degree in Dental Medicine from McGill University. She completed a multidisciplinary residency at the Queen Elizabeth Oral Health Centre, where she had the opportunity to work alongside a multitude of experts in several fields of dentistry. She has practiced privately since 2013, and is always on the lookout for new technologies and dental technologies.

Dr. D’Souza embraces continuous learning and has taken additional training and education to deepen her knowledge of dentistry and to keep herself current. Because of her profound interest in oral surgery, she successfully completed a degree in implantology from the International Dental Implant Association in 2016. Today, she is now a member.

She also has experience in geriatric dentistry and provides dental care in residential and home care centres to people with mobility challenges or severe illnesses. Dr. D’Souza is very passionate about her work: she is both a clinician at McGill University and Co-Director of the McGill Mobile Dental Clinic program, which provides dental care to people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. She is a member of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec as well as several professional associations, including the Association des chirurgiens-dentistes du Québec, the Canadian Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry.

Dental Hygienists

Fatiha Ait-Amokhatar

Fatiha enjoys explaining treatment plans and ensuring that her patients know what to do to properly protect their teeth. She speaks French and Arabic, enjoys zumba, salsa and travelling into a good book…and in reality!

Abdoulaye Fofana

Abdoulaye is a graduate of Canadian and French dentistry schools. He is passionate about dentistry in all its diversity, and he dedicates himself to his patients to help them maintain a healthy mouth. Each patient is unique and Abdoulaye makes a point of finding solutions with each one to improve their oral health and well-being. When not at work, Abdoulaye likes to stay active and he loves hiking and jogging.

Lucila Guerra

Lucila studied dentistry at the Collège de Maisonneuve. Of Peruvian origin, she is known for her great smile and always being in a good mood. She cares deeply about her patients’ well-being. During your dental appointment, she helps and advises clients of all ages!

Ikram Souissis

Ikram was drawn to become a dental hygienist because of the profession’s relational and reason for practice. She earned her degree at the Collège de Maisonneuve. As a member of the Ordre des hygienists dentaires du Québec, she has been working in the field since 2009. Ikram continues to develop her skills and know-how through continuous training. She is much-appreciated by patients for her quality and gentle care as well as her professionalism. She is a fulfilled mother and loves making delicious homemade meals for her family and friends.



Anik Cartier – Executive Director

Anik is our Manager and Treasurer, and has been a part of the Prisma Dentistes team for more than 22 years. She has a daughter and prefers doing things with her family. She is an avid runner and skier and enjoys travelling and reading.

Peter Ortez – Administrative Director

Peter has several years of experience in administration and excels in his position as Administrative Director at our clinic. Trilingual in English, French and Spanish, he has unparalleled communications skills. He plays a pivotal role in our internal and external operations in dental healthcare. Peter works closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure the utmost quality for our clientele. Patients of all ages appreciate his warm, empathetic approach.

In his spare time, Peter likes to spend time with his family and volunteer with people who are in need. He is a disciplined athlete and is passionate about archaeology and science fiction.