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DENTISTES PRISMA offers all the services you need in dental health and dental aesthetics. Our team of general dentists have diversified skills to provide high-quality dental care.

From prevention to restoration, you can rely on our empathetic approach, certified methods and cutting-edge equipment to maintain the integrity of your teeth and your health.

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Discover our wide range of dental care services, including emergency and periodontal treatments as well as dental restauration.


Whether it’s for dental implants or treating an oral disease, our experts will help you get your smile—and dental health—back.

Our general dentists also have a proven track record in dental aesthetics. Whether because of a dental disease, aging or an accident, we can redesign your smile using 3D technology.

Troubles du sommeil
Do you suffer from a sleep disorder related to the mouth, such as bruxism or sleep apnea? Our dental clinic is certified by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

A personalized approach

Our team fosters a global approach to your oral health. We listen to your needs and offer you professional services in dental health and dental aesthetics for a lifetime of smiles.

29 June 2021
Any dentist could tell you: Teeth whitening goes beyond aesthetics when self-esteem is at stake. Did you know that your teeth are not naturally white? Tooth colour varies from one person to another, ranging from yellowish to grayish tints that can become more pronounced with age. Beyond genes, your lifestyle habits also come into play. […]
22 June 2021
You spend all day in front of a computer. You work at different distances, on the computer screen then reading papers and back to your computer screen. If you don’t have the right lenses, you’re constantly removing your glasses or changing your head posture resulting in eye fatigue, neck and back pain. New custom-lens solutions offer better vision at near […]

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