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Mouth guards are cooler than ever

Basketball player Stephen Curry, of Oakland California’s Golden State Warriors, refuses to play without his mouth guard. He feels that it helps him relax when shooting at the basket. Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic, who suffers from back pain, wears one to relax his jaw and improve the alignment of his spine. With these kinds of celebrity endorsements, mouth guards are cooler and more popular than ever—whether you’re short, tall or a teenager.

According to studies, the risk of injury is 1.5 to 2 times higher in certain sports, such as soccer, football, rugby, martial arts, boxing, basketball, baseball, BMX, skateboarding, etc., when mouth guards are not worn. Beyond the medical and financial costs, the loss of a tooth or injuries to the soft tissues in the mouth can also lead to psychological and social problems related to your appearance.

By protecting the teeth and gums, mouth guards play several essential roles:

There are two types of mouth guards available. There are adjustable ones that are prefabricated, and customized ones manufactured by a dentist. Custom-made ones are always more comfortable and solid. No matter which type you choose, they will always be cheaper than in-line skates…or a broken tooth! Talk to your dentist today!


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