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Dry mouth can be cured

Often mistakenly perceived as an unending source of discomfort, dry mouth (or xerostomia) is a real disorder with multiple causes and real impact. It may be due to:

Did you know that there are several products to help relieve dry mouth, such as lubricants, artificial saliva substitutes, non-irritating toothpastes and even lozenges? For example, XyliMelts tablets are sold in pharmacies; they adhere between the molars and the cheek before going to bed. During the night they release xylitol (a 100% natural product without GMOs, gluten or sugar) in a slow, safe way that stimulates saliva during sleep. They are available in regular or mint flavour and are a discreet, practical solution so that you awaken with fresh mouth every morning. XyliMelts tablets can even be used discreetly during the day as needed.

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