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10 tips to eat better

COVID-19 truly changed our lives and habits. Lineups at the grocery store. Trips and events cancelled. Our homes became our world. Here are 10 tips to snack better—whether during confinement or not.

10 Tips for a better health

  1. Nibble on snacks:
    When hiking, at the park, or stuck in traffic, people often eat on the run. Pack healthy snacks, such as fruit, nuts, and yogurt.
  1. Drink often:
    To avoid dehydration, nothing is better than water. In the middle of a heat wave, why not start the day with a smoothie? Refreshing and nourishing.
  1. Fighting the heat wave:
    Choosing fruits and vegetables made with water helps. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon will satisfy your hunger and thirst. A cold soup is also great!
  1. Vary proteins:
    Meat is harder to digest, especially when it’s hot. Include eggs more often on the menu; they are a light substitute and can even be eaten cold.
  1. Wait until you are hungry:
    The advantage of the irregular schedules in the summer is the absence of a fixed mealtime. You should only eat when you are hungry. This is the time to respect this golden rule that is so hard to follow in the office.
  1. Cooking:
    In winter, you may sometimes depend more on ready-to-eat meals. Take advantage of the more relaxed schedule to cook. It’s barbecue season, after all (less dishes, what a bonus!).
  1. Eat fresh:
    Fruits and vegetables are at their best in the summer, both in terms of taste and cost. Say goodbye to the supermarket. Head to the farmer’s market to prepare a delicious salad.
  1. Limit alcohol:
    With the sun already beating down on you, alcohol doubles the stakes. Cocktails and beer are not meant to quench your thirst. Drink them in moderation and choose water when you are thirsty.
  1. Dinner out:
    Just being outside forces people to slow down and be more present. Summer is the ideal time to eat more slowly, which helps digestion.
  1. Shutting down screens:
    Finally, take time with family and friends, away from the monopolizing screens. Staying away from your devices is also great for digestion!


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Dr François Lechner

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Dr. François Lechner