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Dental surgery planning: Here are some post-operatory recommendation


At the slightest complication or problem, please contact us immediately at our offices.


Simple negligence may delay your healing or recovery.


If there is pain, use the medication prescribed.

On the day of the surgery:

  1. Apply ice for 48 hours to prevent swelling.
  2. With a light pressure, bite down on a strip of gauze for one hour.
  3. Do not lay down or fall asleep without supporting your head with two or three pillows.
  4. The next two hours that follow surgery, you must abstain from eating, drinking or smoking.
  5. Avoid hot liquids (and spicy foods).
  6. Do not rinse your mouth or brush your teeth.
  7. If you have chapped lips, use Vaseline.
  8. Don’t overexert yourself.

The following days:

  1. After each meal, delicately brush your teeth, including the spot that was operated on and the stitches.
  2. Add one to two teaspoons of salt in a glass of lukewarm water. Use it to rinse your mouth and bathe the area that you were operated on.
  3. Maintain a healthy diet. If unable to chew, drink lots of liquids.
  4. Apply hot compresses to reduce swelling, starting the third day.

According to the severity of your operation, you may experience these normal symptoms:

SWELLING: The swelling will be more pronounced the second and third day following surgery. It will gradually diminish.

DISCOLORATION: Coloured spots that may appear.

BLEEDING: Very light bleeding may occur and last a few days.

DISCOMFORT: Difficulty to open your mouth for a few days.


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Dr. François Lechner