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Cracked tooth syndrome

Cracked tooth syndrome is the term that refers to an incomplete fracture of a vital posterior tooth that involves the dentin and occasionally extends into the pulp.

This patient from Outremont came to Prisma Dentistes with this condition and had the following symptoms:

  • Discomfort to chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Pain that came and went

Dr. Lechner treated this patient. He cleaned the fracture line and then filled it with a composite material.

The symptoms that the patient had were gone following the treatment.

If the symptoms had persisted, a root canal treatment and a porcelain crown may have been necessary.

Before: Cracked tooth                             Cleaned fracture line                              After the filling



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Dr François Lechner

Dr. François Lechner founded the Prisma Dentistes in TMR more than 30 years ago. Over the course of his practice, he has developed his skills in general and family dentistry and is proud to offer a complete service to his patients. He is also interested in neuromuscular dentistry and the management of sleep disorders.

Dr. François Lechner