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Chocolate can be your teeth’s ally?

Those who love chocolate and other delicacies are said to have a “sweet tooth.” Indeed, the relationship between teeth and sugar can be…difficult. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your sugar fix once in a while! In fact, far from being an enemy to your teeth, chocolate is a little treat with surprisingly beneficial effects. Chocolate lovers rejoice!

According to recent studies, chocolate does not cause acne, stomach aches (unless you over-indulge) or even cavities—as long as you choose dark chocolate! Rich in antioxidants that help fight cardiovascular disease and some cancers, dark chocolate has a higher cocoa content, which provides more antioxidants and more benefits. It is also an amazing antibacterial and anti-cariogenic, meaning that it even prevents cavities thanks to its many of its ingredients.

Benefits of chocolate :

  • Tannins: Inhibit bacteria growth in the mouth
  • Fluorine: It is among the few foods that contain fluorine and increase enamel resistance
  • Phosphates: Decrease plaque by reducing acidity
  • Magnesium: A mineral found in chocolate to improve bone health

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you can enjoy chocolate with 70% cocoa every day—but  in moderation. Your dentist approves!


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Dr François Lechner

Dr. François Lechner founded the Prisma Dentistes in TMR more than 30 years ago. Over the course of his practice, he has developed his skills in general and family dentistry and is proud to offer a complete service to his patients. He is also interested in neuromuscular dentistry and the management of sleep disorders.

Dr. François Lechner