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Chocolate can be your teeth’s ally?

Those who love chocolate and other delicacies are said to have a “sweet tooth.” Indeed, the relationship between teeth and sugar can be…difficult. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your sugar fix once in a while! In fact, far from being an enemy to your teeth, chocolate is a little treat with surprisingly beneficial effects. Chocolate lovers rejoice!

According to recent studies, chocolate does not cause acne, stomach aches (unless you over-indulge) or even cavities—as long as you choose dark chocolate! Rich in antioxidants that help fight cardiovascular disease and some cancers, dark chocolate has a higher cocoa content, which provides more antioxidants and more benefits. It is also an amazing antibacterial and anti-cariogenic, meaning that it even prevents cavities thanks to its many of its ingredients, including:

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you can enjoy chocolate with 70% cocoa every day—but  in moderation. Your dentist approves!


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