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Suffering from bruxism? A simple solution: The bite plate

What is a bite plate?


A bite plate is an acrylic piece moulded to the teeth to be worn day or night to prevent the top teeth from coming in contact with the lower ones.


Who can benefit from a bite plate?


This is a beneficial device for people who suffer from bruxism (clenching and / or grinding of the teeth) or TMJ problems (problems of articulation) or neuromuscular problems.


What are the functions of a bite plate?


Absorb some of the stress of bruxism forces and clenching.

Relax the jaw muscles to ease the tension.

Relieve jaw joints (TMJ) and decrease pain.

Limit the progression of tooth decay by bruxism, and limit the deterioration of the supporting bone.


Symptoms observed


Broken teeth, fractured or missing

Premature tooth wear

Difficulty opening and closing the mouth

Tooth sensitivity (without decay)


Sensitive facial muscles in the morning

Pressure in the ears area

Awakening during sleep


How is it made?


Using impressions of the teeth,  plaster models are made

They are then sent to the laboratory to make a custom plate.


Fitting the appliance


After the appliance is fitted in the mouth, adjustments might be required to optimize the comfort and retention.


Consequence of non-treatment


Wear away of natural teeth and porcelain.

Fractured teeth (sometimes this is irreversible)

Cracking at the opening or closing of the mouth

Muscle spasms causing morning headaches.

Implant failure.

Periodontal problems and gum recession

Disruption of postural control …. etc.


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