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Orofacial pain and TMJ pain: Here are the main musculoskeletal/occlusal signs (Part 2)

What to look for?

Part 2 of 3 :

Signs (extra oral)

  • Facial asymmetry bilaterally
  • Short lower third of the face
  • Chelitis
  • Abnormal lip posture
  • Deep mentalis  crease
  • Dished-out or flat labial profile
  • Facial edema
  • Mandibular torticollis
  • Forward head posture (Lordosis)
  • Elongated lower face (steep mandibular angle)
  • Speech abnormalities

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Dr François Lechner

Dr. François Lechner founded the Prisma Dentistes in TMR more than 30 years ago. Over the course of his practice, he has developed his skills in general and family dentistry and is proud to offer a complete service to his patients. He is also interested in neuromuscular dentistry and the management of sleep disorders.

Dr. François Lechner