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Is teeth whitening for you?

Your teeth may have lost their desired whiteness over time because of your genetics, nutrition or just the passage of time. Whitening toothpastes partially clean the coloured spots on the teeth (the extrinsic spots). However, only a lightening agent can remove the totality of spots. The reason? The agent can reach the spots between the enamel and dentin (the intrinsic spots).

To whiten our patients’ teeth, we only use Opalescence gels for a whiter and brighter smile. These contain an active lightening ingredient, combined with oxygen molecules, that essentially penetrate through the enamel to separate the molecules responsible for colour change in order to whiten the teeth. The effects are immediate.

This fall, we can perform the treatment on you at our clinic and provide 10 applications for use at home to maintain the result. Take advantage of this limited-time offer, which will give you one more reason to smile brightly!

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Approved by Dr Lechner

Dr François Lechner

Dr. François Lechner founded the Prisma Dentistes in TMR more than 30 years ago. Over the course of his practice, he has developed his skills in general and family dentistry and is proud to offer a complete service to his patients. He is also interested in neuromuscular dentistry and the management of sleep disorders.

Dr. François Lechner